Oh Bobby Lee

Did you really know what you were doing when you sent those
boys up that hill to die? And what gallant boys they were at that
since they fought not for fame or fortune but for the
inalienable rights that all men should have.

Oh Bobby Lee, could you not foresee
the terrible disaster that your order would bring.
Not only for the grandsons of patriots
but for everyone for over a hundred years hence.

Oh Bobby Lee, the tears you must have cried
when you left behind the best and the bravest.
The same kind of tears are now shed by so many
today who understand what was really lost that bloody day.

Oh Bobby Lee, maybe you did not know
that the constitution was in your hands that day.
Not only did your boys die in that ill-fated charge
but so did the rights of every state that was free.

Oh Bobby Lee, what a wonderful faith
and Love for God that you must have known.
But had you not read where it is written?
"Do not test the Lord your God"

Oh Bobby Lee, you went to your reward
knowing that you left it in His hands.
It was not meant to be that day only because
the Lord did not wish it to be so.

Take heart Bobby Lee, for the flame has not
gone out and the gallantry is not forgotten.
For in His time there will be freedom once again
in this great nation because His will is always done.

05-27-2002             By Ben Kennedy

COMMENTARY: Robert E. Lee has long been a great hero of mine and I have cherished the hope that when I go to be with the Lord He will grant me the opportunity to meet Robert E. Lee in His kingdom. I always thought that studying the life of Robert E. would be as close as I would come in this World to meeting him until I recently had the great privilege to meet David Chaltas.

David is blessed by God to look just like Robert E. Lee and he takes the blessing as his duty to share with others the memory of the great man. David spoke at a recent banquet given to honor both Robert E. Lee and Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson and I was really blown away with how he brought Robert E. Lee to life for me and everyone else in the room. When he finished speaking, the room exploded with applause as if we had been transported back into time and were part of the Army of Northern Virginia cheering the great leader himself. If you have an organization that loves history contact David to speak to your group and you will not be disappointed. He can be reached through the Sons of Confederate Veterans at the link below:
Contact David Chaltas

David is also an accomplished poet and writer (another reason to like him) and you can purchase his books at Amazon.com through the link below:
Books by David Chaltas

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