A Legendary Classification System

To a distinguished military leader of a past era of the German Army is attributed this classification that applies to most organizations. According to his classification there are only four classes of leaders:

First, the brilliant and industrious. They make the best staff officers, for their talents provide maximum service to commanders.

Second, the brilliant and lazy. They are the most valuable and constitute the commanders. Their tendency to avoid troublesome and time-consuming detail enables them to retain the perspective necessary in the art of making decisions. Their plans tend to the simple, the direct, the most promising for easy success.

Third, the stupid and lazy. While this group will add little to military luster they can be used on small tasks that are necessary to be accomplished. At least, they will do no great harm. They can be retained and used.

Fourth, the stupid industrious. Great damage may result from their actions. Attacking the ill-advised with zeal and energy, they may induce a disaster. They are the most dangerous. They must be eliminated!

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