The Real TSA - FAA

Poster depicting the true TSS of the FAA

Several years ago a friend of mine with the libertarians sent me the picture above because he was well aware of my low regard for the FAA and knew I would totally appreciate this political parody. I thought it was right on target as so many of the employees of the FAA that I have had to deal with are much like Barney Fife. Just imagine how bad Barney Fife would have been if he had been with the Gestapo and you have today's TSA of the FAA. At least now everyone is starting to realize what we pilots have known for the last twenty years or more about the FAA. Please feel free to share the picture above with anyone who loves freedom. I created a sticker version that I used on envelopes in mailings to congress several years ago so I know firsthand how much this picture irritates the Gestapo agents at the FAA. For my efforts to expose their illegal activities I was assessed a fine of $ 5000 by the FAA which I am now trying to recover though a lawsuit in federal court so beware if you decide to use this picture.

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